31 Jan 2018
5 Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is a latest Web Development technique nowadays and every company follows the size and industry is working on their responsive design strategy. We are now living in a multi-platform world where every one is totally surrounded by different kind of devices like Smartphones, Tablets, iPads, iPhones, PCs, etc. Responsive design gives opportunity to setup their online market and come closer to their users without significant investments. Before know about the benefits of Responsive Web Designing, let we discuss about the meaning of responsive web design. Best Website Designer in Jaipur

What is Responsive Web Design?

A Responsive Website respond to the need of the users and devices they are using. The layout and content changes based on the size of the user available viewing area, ensuring that your website looks great on every screen. An example, if a visitor opens a website on their laptop, the design read one way. when the visitor open the same website on their tablet or phone, the design automatically adjusts to be resized, re-framed, and easy to read on the new screen dimensions.

Responsive Design just means that the page works totally fine whether you access the site URL with a desktop browser or whether you access that URL with Mobile Devices – Matt Cutts (Google).


The Following article focuses on the benefits of Responsive Web Design. Let us look at the 5 key benefits of responsive web design given below.

5 Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design Advantages - How Design Affect Website SEO ?

Responsive Web Design Advantages – How Design Affect Website SEO ?

User Friendly Navigation

Responsive websites tend to have user friendly navigation system that can be helpful in terms of controlling the bounce rate. Most visitors will be able to explore the site properly and find their relative data on the website.

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No Need for Multiple URL

One of the biggest benefits of having a responsive web design is that you don’t need to have multiple URLs for different devices. You can have only one unique URL that can look equally good on all devices. Different URLs for different devices will raise the asking price of maintenance.

Flexible Layouts

The classes available in responsive websites are utilized to create more dynamic and flexible layouts. Text and images used in responsive websites are also responsive. Responsive images automatically adjust to fit the size of the screen. So, the responsive website layouts are very flexible.

Google Recommends It

Google has recently recommended responsive web design for improved search engine results. it identifies the content requirements of users and suggests mobile-friendly web sites. Your site will have the best performance possibility if only when it designed with responsive layout.

Generate High Revenue
Responsive websites have higher conversion rate as compared to other web sites.If your website is available to these users, your better conversion rate will generate higher revenue. You can populate your services and products with faster rates in search engines and website directories.
We have tried our best to help you to defining 5 Benefits of Responsive Web Design. If you get any issues while following the above guide then feel free to ask us any question in comments. Our engineers will solve it as soon as possible.

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