Best eCommerce Web-Design

In this article we are talking about the trends in eCommerce Web design that we’ve seen so far in 2016. In the web design development community, there has often been separation between the way a E commerce website looks and the way a website works. This has generally resulted in differences of opinion between designers and developers.We have started to see this change, but for the first time we are seeing less of a divide with designers now paying serious attention to functionality and not just to form and design. If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, consider implementing these 6 Best eCommerce Web design trends 2016.

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Best eCommerce Web Design Trends – 2016

  1. Responsive Design: Nowadays that is really must have feature for any online shopping stores! It is important that the design of your website would be mobile friendly and displayed nice on any device at all. it’s truly important to create multi device support of your eCommerce website design. Responsive Design is needed to increasing trend towards browsing and shopping on high-res devices.


2. Motion Graphics:It is one of the latest and coolest trend in eCommerce website design industry. The Designers use best way of product demonstration using motion animation grants your customers bulk of wonderful emotions and unforgettable shopping experience.


3. Long Scroll: It is already a trend for quite a long time and almost everyone is accustomed to long scrolls thanks to mobile devices. The technique works especially well for websites that use storytelling and want to lead users through the story for more interaction.


4. Material Design: Material design is a design language the company came up with not too long ago, and it’s already featured in many Google Android products like Gmail, YouTube and Google Maps. The guiding principles of Material are based on taking the best of classic design principles and melding them with the limitless innovation of tech and science.

  • Minimalism
  • Lighting and shadows
  • Padding
  • Vivid colors
  • Responsive animations and transitions

5. Prefect Color Scheme: It’s high time that designers put a priority on designing with color in mind because colors seriously affect your client’s bottom line in the form of site conversions.

6. Dynamic Product Search: In 2016 more and more sites begin to use dynamic views that rely on JavaScript and Ajax to change product search result page on the fly. This technique helps your customers to browse your website quickly and without a distraction of loading every search result page separately.