Best Microsite Building Platform – Why WordPress is Ideal for Microsite?

Whatever your business may be, you would always want to highlight your services and products on the web. Corporate websites are usually uninspiring and boring, which means that they are missing out on a lot of possible client prospects. The clients wants to design Microsite for his business. Now, we talking about Best Microsite Building Platform which easily design ideal website.

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Microsite – What’s It?

The Microsite is a set of pages that’s designed to support corporate websites by adding separate assets to the existing ones. A Microsite can be housed on a unique URL ( or on a sub-domain ( The Basic requirement to creating a microsite is to offer visitors a separate browsing experience from that of the main site

What is Benefits of a Microsite?

  • Allows marketers to closely tie the website’s branding to other elements of the marketing campaign
  • Removes the unnecessary distractions inherent in a corporate website
  • Focuses on specific call to actions
  • Provides an avenue for lead generation
  • Can evoke a sense of community
  • Allows for experimentation
  • Allows marketers to focus on the visitor and not on unnecessary content
  • Provides an opportunity for designing a unique look and feel
  • Allows for separate navigation from main website
  • Provides ease of use for website visitors

How effective are these WordPress Microsites?

  • Launch of New Products
  • Campaigns for Direct Marketing
  • Pay Per Clicks
  • Contests & Competitions
  • Market Researches
  • Recruitment & Employee Outreaches
  • Event / Conference Promotions
  • Other Seasonal Promotions

These rare combinations make using WordPress for their Microsites a pleasure, for all businesses.