13 Dec 2016
Small Business Marketing Strategies - Online Offline Marketing Tips

Do you own a small business? Are you planning marketing strategies for promotions? Whether your business is small or large, when it comes to promotion, it need a perfect plan to execute. There are lot of marketing strategies are available to execute. Small business have to invest in marketing carefully, because they don’t have huge budget.

These five things should be cleared before planning any marketing strategy for small business.

  • Narrowly defined targeted customer
  • Category of business
  • Unique benefit of business
  • Your business competitors
  • Why customer choose you?

Once you get all answer of these questions, you are all set for marketing strategy.

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Marketing Strategies for Small Business

Set Budget – The very first step of marketing is defining budget. All your marketing depends on your budget, that’s why it’s important to mention at the beginning. Practically describe your budget for each step.

Pay to Play – You have to spend money to make money, and that’s what marketing say. You have to spend some part of budget on paid search, social advertisement, display ads etc. For can use many online tools to promote business like Google AdWord, Facebook Ads, PPC Ad Service etc.

Local Promotion – Every business or startup begin from it’s local region, you can easily promote business in near by areas. Register business on Google map and popular business listing websites.

Small Business Marketing Strategies - Online Offline Marketing Tips Small Business Marketing Strategies

Social Media Champion

Social Media is a great platform to promote business. Create business profile on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and start your promotion champion. Identify best platform for your business.

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Email Marketing – For small business promotion email marketing is perfect solution, the method allow to send sale info, event notification quickly. Probably people prefer email marketing due to its less price and business approach.

Run Blog – You can maintain a blog about your business or startup, here you can tell people what kind of service you are offering. Publish quality content regularly is important in content marketing. Blog boost website traffic, WordPress is best platform to run a blog.

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Keyword Research – Before starting advertisement over internet you should focus on keyword research. Google AdWord and similar tools will make your work easy and faster.

Small Business Marketing Strategies - Online Offline Marketing Tips  Online Offline Marketing Tips

Other Online Offline Marketing Strategies

Knowledge Sharing – If you want to spread business online then knowledge sharing can help you. Write guest post articles on other similar websites. It will increase website traffic as well as domain authority.

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Do Survey – You should be updated with what’s trending in your business. Survey is the best way to know about trending stuff in audience.

Focus on Landing Pages – The first page when a visitor come to your website via backlink or paid traffic is called landing page. These pages are important because landing page can increase or decrease website bounce rate.

Be Unique – Uniqueness is always appreciated by search engines, customers etc, try to become unique in your business category. Introduce something new to customers/visitors.

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