28 Nov 2016

Small business owners often get confused about this question, “Why, do I need a website?”. Actually they should ask this question because it need investment. Now we come to the point, why a small businessmen or merchant should own a website? We have answered this question very well below in 12 points, let’s get started.

Because You Need More Customers

According to statistics currently 2.4 billion people using internet every day, interestingly 90% of them looking for some information, service or products. I think internet can provide huge opportunity to spread your business and get more customers.

Why Small Business Owner Need a Website

Small Business Website Importance

Business Brand Value – At many factors website directly-indirectly increase your business brand value. For example if some ask about your business, you can simply tell him to check your website.

Show Off – Yeah, you heard it right. Website can be best place to show off your business. Put your business figures and achievement on your site.

Achieve Business Goals

Internet offer wide range of options to complete your sales goals. In case your physical store didn’t get the targeted sales, your online store can help you to achieve it.

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Available 24 x 7 to Customers – You don’t need to open or close your site, internet works 24 x 7 without any interruption. Today websites are fully automated, you get email for every shopping or service hire. So you don’t have to worry about anything.

Easily Communicate with Customers – Electronic media provide fast and reliable communication medium. Since websites are fully electronic and remotely operated, you can communicate with your customers by email, SMS or any other available source.

Online Marketing – Advertising your products or services online called online marketing. If you have a website you can make it possible. Internet has big amount of online shoppers and you can attract them by advertising your products.

Company Mail Address – Just like mobile number, today email address is also required everywhere. Contacting customers using company mail address is better then using a Gmail or Yahoo account. You can print company mail address on store visiting card, banners etc, it help build brand value.

Show Website on Social Media – You can find any business on social media, whether it is small or big. If you have a website and linked it on social media, it increase user trust and business brand value. Your customers can visit your online store directly from social media. Many social networking site like Facebook have special features to mention your business website on it.

Why Small Business Owner Need a Website

Announce Offers & Sale

Just like giant Ecommerce companies you can also announce offers and special discounts on website, that attract users. You can also send email to your users for offer and discounts directly from your website.

Compete with Rivals – You know about business competition and if you have to remain in competition with your rivals you should follow the trends. If you have website and your competitor not then you will definitely get benefit of it.

Help Find You New Worker – A website can do a lot for you, even can help recruit new worker at your store, to make it happen you just simple update vacancy detail on website. Lot of websites have a dedicated page for career and jobs.

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