16 Nov 2016

Choosing a web design company in Jaipur is really not easy, you have to ask lot of questions until you get satisfied. But I have noticed that, during such important conversation many people don’t ask good questions, which definitely not in favor of your website.

Actually meeting with a website designing company is more like an interview. You have to understand the company approach to challenges you are having in project. And also make sure their business is legitimate and have enough experience to complete web experience.

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Web Design Company in Jaipur

Q. 1 Is the company well established?

A. There are lot of factors like number of clients, company age, completed projects, you can consider these to make approximation of company’s experience or you can take a look of its portfolio.

In recent years lot of new IT Companies and startups opened in Jaipur, this simply increase the changes of victimized by fraud company. That’s why, it’s essential to verify company’s authenticity.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing Web Design Company in Jaipur

Price Question for Web Design Company in Jaipur

Q 2. How much I have to pay for website?

A. Website price depends on the quality of work as well as company reputation. A website price could be from thousand rupees to millions, but the point is are you getting value of money.

Everyone ask this question during meeting, but it will be better if you request price quote from company website. If you are not satisfied with prices, have a comparison with company’s similar projects.

Similar Website Designing Projects

Q 3. Can you show me similar projects done by your company?

A. Asking for recent or similar projects of company will give you a idea about both website quality and price. And if they haven’t built similar website, check out their other websites.

We strongly recommend you to search a company which have verity of designs instead of portfolio based company. Different website designs shows the creative side of company, you can also talk to their clients.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing Web Design Company in Jaipur

Consulting for Web Design Company in Jaipur

Q 4. Will you consult with me during website creation?

A. You should ask this question because interaction of business owner and designer have important role in web creation. You can easily explain your business approach, so the designer can create a best and suitable design for your business.

At Stegpearl Technologies we have six phases to design and develop website, our designer ask for suggestion time to time. We improve design until client satisfaction.

Questions Related to Web Designing in Jaipur

Q 5. Is there any hidden charge for website designing?

A. Some companies didn’t tell you original price at the beginning but they show you a huge bill before delivering site. You should aware of such companies and it’s better to ask openly about project charges.

Transparency is best quality of Stegpearl, we make things transparent for client facility and we never keep any secrete from client about website.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing Web Design Company in Jaipur

Web Design Service in Jaipur

Q 6. What are their core services?

A. A company with web designing core skills can complete your work properly. Remember all IT companies not provide all service, may be they complete project by outsourcing. An company with ability and skills can provide you better solution then outsourcing firm.

For example a company which specialize in web designing and development is better for rather then a digital marketing or web graphics company.

Core Services of Stegpearl Technologies

Q 7. What if there is any bug in website even after delivery?

A. Ask for bug fixing and error removing after completing the website. Make sure web designing company you are dealing with will provide free support for bugs and errors.

You should run website properly before having delivery of it and if you found any feature isn’t working properly, immediately inform the company.

Q 8. Will you take care of my website in future?

A. You have to ask some questions about website support like website uptime, maintenance, website updates etc, and also for price quotation for the same. Some companies provide support and maintenance free with new website, while some of them charge for it.

Website designing work at Stegpearl comes with support package chosen by you. We provide free support package for 1 year, 2 year and 3 year, you can opt any based on your requirements. We are the best web design company in Jaipur.