24 Nov 2016
Advantages of CMS Over Traditional Websites

CMS or Content Management System is a type of website popularly use for content based sites like WordPress, Magento, Zomla etc. These platforms are written in specific programing language, so you hardly need to code anything. CMS is a kind of dynamic website because these are driven by database.

Just like traditional websites, CMS has a separate dashboard for administrators to manage whole website. Let’s discuss advantages of CMS over traditional website.

Easy to Update

CMS websites are very easy to update, you can update content or post new article with a single click. Multimedia files like Video, Image, Audio etc, can be easily inserted into article. Fresh content is keyword for successful website.

Website owner can update their content on daily basis. While updating content in a static website is a bit typical. Actually the concept of blog appear after content management system, CMS made everything very easy and simple.

Search Feature

A website could include a single page to thousand pages, however you can’t implement search feature on a static website. It would need a mechanism to perform search action, CMS have inbuilt search facility. Search allow users to find desired pages in less time, it also improve the navigability of website.

Design Customization

CMS comes with a verity of designs and template, for example you can found thousand of themes to decor your website. Since all the data stored in database you can theme without backup it. In case of traditional static website no database is connected with website, so before changing web design owner must have content backup.

Advantages of CMS Over Traditional Websites

Advantages of CMS Over Traditional Websites

Very Easy to Operate

CMS operation with content like adding new article, updating old content, inserting new user etc are very simple and it don’t require sound knowledge of anything. You can do all operation without any training, at the beginning you might have some questions. In case you have any problem, lot of tutorials available online to assist you.

Stay Updated

All the popular CMS release new version after certain amount of time, you can update your website to latest version using a single click. For example WordPress is a great CMS with great functionality, in every one or two months WordPress release new version and you can install updates without specializing  and free of cost.

Role Based User Access

If you are running multiuser website then it essential to control users function, to keep every thing good. CMS allow to manage users for certain levels as subscriber, editor, admin etc. WordPress provide a very powerful multi user environment.

In role based user access admin can do anything it want, while editor can only post content that means administration and other important part of website will be hidden from editor.


WordPress and other CMS websites have extended functionality options, if your website don’t have enough functions you can try third party plugins for free of cost (some plugins are not free). Even you can perform Ecommerce task on a CMS website.

Highly SEO Friendly

CMS resolve tons of SEO issues itself, we all need to do is updating content regularly. WordPress platform is highly optimized for search engine. Good SEO means higher rank and more traffic. Many third party plugins available for optimizing SEO like Yoast, All in One SEO etc.

Easy Website Maintenance

Maintaining a CMS website is like maintaining a email address. Content management systems like WordPress are highly reliable platforms that allow to maintain website easily. You can add and update content easily, the code or website is getting updated automatically, that’s what a website need to maintain.