WordPresss SEO Friendly

To choose SEO-Friendly CMS (content management system), there are questions are running on your mind like What is best CMS platform for your website? CMS is an SEO friendly or not?. If you want to website in PHP, there are three popular CMS are: WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. To picking a reliable CMS platform that offer you the ability to update and control content on your website. We always prefers WordPress just because of these several factors like Ease of Use, Security, Customization, and Scalability. Now, We talking about SEO features of Content Management System (CMS) we insists the platform must have.

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Key Features of CMS regarding SEO

Text Control – Meta information

We create easily meta information like Title Tags, Meta Description, and Meta Keywords helps to unique present website in search engines result page. A Good CMS will limit the number of characters in your title tag to keep the, search engine friendly. Meta description, a well written can make the difference between your & competitor’s website. its useful for search engine optimization efforts.Meta Keywords, placing appropriate keywords on each page this helps the site search return better results.

Navigation Text & On-Page Text

Main Navigation and Sub-Navigation should be made up of HTML text. The ability of update the navigation text on your website is another key feature of CMS. Sitemap shows the key pages and section of website. We use Friendly URls for looking cleaner without extensions and usually make for a better user experience this can impact search engine results. Breadcrumbs also required to SEO benefits reinforce the content on each page. We also Use Image ALT tags for increasing accessibility such as screen readers used by the visually impaired. These CMS functions are helpful for SEO.

Social Media Integration

WordPress and other CMS platforms easily done social signals, integrated social media feeds, fresh content feed to produce search engines ranking results. If your website receive a lot of Facebook likes & tweets that can positively impact SEO.

Website Optimization & Access Control

There are some parts of Website optimization that always be on CMS are Site Search, Duplicate Content Control, Page Speed, Compression, Rich Schemata Data, XML Sitemaps. These CMS Techniques are always increasing search engine optimization. In Website control, CMS will able to Index/Follow Commands, 301 Redirect Programming, Broken Links Check Tools, Updated Copyright, W3C Compliance, etc.

How WordPress is an SEO Friendly?

We are talking about SEO features that would be available in a Good CMS. WordPress is also best content management system for SEO. There are some Feature that makes WordPress from other CMS.

  • Super Clean Code
  • SEO Friendly Website Structure
  • Inbuilt RSS Feeds
  • Image Optimization
  • Ability to Track Everything