08 Mar 2017
Difference Between CPC and CPM Ads

Are you looking for monetize your website? Do you have high traffic website? In this article we’ll discuss about how to monetize web traffic using CPM Ads.

Before you proceed, you should know the concept of CPM Advertising.

CPM (Cost Per 1,000 impressions) allow advertisers to paying for one thousand ad impression, this doesn’t any click on ads, CPM based network are good for brand awareness.

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In this article we will discuss about Five Best CPM Based Ad Networks

  1. AdsOptimal
  2. Amazon CPM Ads
  3. PropellerAds
  4. Conversant Media
  5. Exponential



This is one of popular name in ad networks, they are serving CPM, CPC & CPA based ads from 2012. AdsOptimal is partnered with Google Adsense, DoubleClick and Criteo.

  • Just sign-up and your website will be approved in two-three days. They don’t have specific criteria for websites approval.
  • Every publisher will get $10 or $15 (good quality website), minimum payout is $50 and payment method is PayPal.
  • AdsOptimal provide advertisement plugin for WordPress and Joomla, so it get easier to setup ads on blog/website.

Just like Google Adsense, AdsOptimal is very sensitive to website content and it’s policies, your account will be removed automatically if you violated any policy.

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amazon-associatesAmazon CPM Ads

The eCommerce giant Amazon provide CPM Ad monetization service to publishers under it’s affiliation program. Unfortunately currently CPM Ads are limited to selected affiliates.

  • If you have Amazon Associates account then log-in and check CPM option under ad types.

They provide minimum CPM program, it will only show ads with minimum CPM Guarantee. You can also set passback feature for ads, that means if ads are not matching with target CPM rate then fall back ads will be display.



PropellerAds is getting attention of bloggers in these days due to solid eCPM advertising nature. The ad network offer variety of ads like Pop Under Ads, full screen, site skin ads for desktop and mobile publishers.

  • It’s very easy to get started with PropellerAds. Once you submitted website it will be approved withing two to three business days.
  • You must verify domain ownership in order to monetize website.
  • Payment policies of PropellerAds are good, they have Net30 payment method.
  • Minimum payout is $100 and payment method will be made via Payoneer.

PropellerAds offer 80:20 ratio of payment, that means you will 80% of your earnings. In case your revenue didn’t reach to threshold value, they sum up with next month payments.

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Bottom Line: If you have high traffic website (best for free downloading, gaming, adult sites/blogs). Probably PropellerAds is best eCPM advertising network for website/blogs.

media1074796Conversant Media

They provide content and app monetization service, conversant media and popular affiliate network Commission Junction belongs to same company. Their CPM rates are reliable for publishers.

  • Your website must have 3,000 impressions per month for approval.
  • More like PropellerAds they provide verity of advertisements.
  • Minimum payout is $25 and payment method is Paypal and Check.

Conversant Media Ad Network is best for those who are not getting account approval due to high traffic requirements.


This ad network is perfectly suitable for large publishers, they provide quality CPM ads and know as one of best advertising network in industry.

Their Ads include different kind of ad formats like Rising Star, pre rolled ads. They are very strict with their content and traffic policies. Minimum payout is $50 and payment method is Paypal.

As I already told you Exponential is suitable for large publishers because they require minimum 500,000 unique visits per month. They share 55% of ad revenue with publishers.

Exponential Ads website requirements
  • 500,000 unique visitors per month
  • Quality, relevant and targeted content
  • Professional and attractive design
  • Large active user base
  • Top level domain (TLD)

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