14 Dec 2016
Promote Your Business on Facebook - Best 7 Ways to Increase Facebook Fans

Facebook is the most popular social networking website, more like other social media platform Facebook is a great place for business promotion. It’s not easy to grow a fan base on new page due to high competition in news feed.

In this article we will guide, how you can make a huge fan base on Facebook. We have mentioned seven ways to promote small and medium business on Facebook.

  • Define Target Market
  • Correct Tone
  • Measure Engagement
  • Take It As Long Term Investment
  • Make It Relevant and Relaxed
  • Regular Updates
  • Result Analysis

Define Target Market Place

You are the business owner and you know very well about targeted audience. Facebook has more than 1.2 billion users and remember all Facebook users are not your targeted customers. Let’s understand with an example.

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Suppose you are running a women fashion wear business, then it will be good if you target only 20 to 40 year women.

Promote Your Business on Facebook - Best 7 Ways to Increase Facebook Fans

Promote Your Business on Facebook

Now Facebook page insights can help you find out about your audience. Finding right audience is good for business. Having less genuine fans are better than crowd who never like or comment on any post.

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Correct Tone

You have good fan base and now you need to interact with them. Talk to them using photos and other stuff on your page. Answer their questions with satisfactory answers and ask them what they like!

Your posts should be appealing to services or products you are selling.

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Measure Engagement

Facebook pages are all about user engagement, different pages will have different results for same posts. That’s why it’s important to test what works for you best. Any of post is doing well, start posting similar in future.

You can do some experiments to improve user engagement on page.

  • Post interesting questions and ask answer, remember people love to answer yes/no or short answer, so keep it relevant.
  • Photos are probably best way to attract users.
  • Live Pole are good for large pages which have thousands of like and followers.
Promote Your Business on Facebook - Best 7 Ways to Increase Facebook Fans

Best Ways to Increase Facebook Fans

Take It as Long Term Investment

Facebook is king of social media that’s why you shouldn’t take it lightly. A successful Facebook page need lot of hard work, patience and time. Sometime you have to pay to get targeted likes.

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Be regular at posting updates and keep maintain strong relation with fans will return as long term investment.

Keep It Real Relaxed & Relevant

You Facebook page should follow these 3R’s (Real, Relaxed and Relevant). Let me explain each of them in terms of Facebook promotion.

  • Real – Don’t post any false information on Facebook page, keep your page real. Fake information lead to bad user experience.
  • Relaxed – First thing don’t get frustrated when sales don’t increase immediately, as nature it will take time. And secondly stop posting irritating promotional posts every hour. You have to give your fans a chance to get know.
  • Relevant – Don’t post anything, just stick to your category. Consider relevancy as first thing to make a successful Facebook page.

Regular Update

Stick to a schedule if it’s about posting content on your page. You may confuse about regular posting, let me clarify.

One post on Monday, 5 on Tuesday, none on Wednesday, 7 on Thursday, 1 on Friday and nothing on weekend… This is not regular at all and won’t work longer for you page. Make a schedule for posting and strictly follow it. Facebook provide schedule post update service for page, use it.

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Result Analysis

You are doing everything but is that working for your business promotion? You can get your answer by result analysis of page. Make a weekly result analysis, this include check list of your tasks. Facebook page manager and page insights generate automatic reports to track down everything.