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Website design and development process include six phases from gathering essential information, to finalize of your web site. Once we developed your website that never means our task has finished, we still work for maintenance to keep your website updated.

Phases of website creation are mentioned below.

Information Gathering

Information gathering is the initial step towards designing and developing website. Lot of things considered while plot building for website.

First step is most important one, because you need solid understanding of business or company to build it’s website. Questions like what are business goals and dreams? how internet can be beneficial to help you achieve business goals.

Web designer ask lot of questions to understand the business approach and it is important to know your business needs.

The most important thing in Information Gathering part is to know about Target Audience. Actually designer should know about audience, cause design is based on factors like audience age, sex, interests etc.

If there a specific group of people that will help you reach your goals? What kind of information will target audience on your site? What are they looking for information, product, service, online shopping?

Planning & Developing Concept

Information gathered in phase one is further utilized in planning that help a lot to build the concept of website. In the second phase sitemap, website platform, pages and content finalized.

Site map is a list of all pages in site, as well as products, categories, topics, sub-topics etc if applicable. Based on the requirement of website, web-developer decide the platform to build website. A good user interface creates an easy to navigate web site and its also beneficial for user perspective.

During the planning phase designer and developer make most of the decisions for the website creation, so it’s the most important phase of the website development.

Web Designing

Once the planning phase completed designing of website start. Our team of experienced and creative web designers create stunning designs for your new business website. We specialize in design and that’s why our designing phase consider many factors like targeted audience, type or business etc.

Target audience is one of primary key factors taken into consideration, for example design of a financial firm will be completely different from a school website. The third phase include logo designing and banner creation (if required).

Once we have designed prototype, then its ready to showcase to client for correction and color scheme changes etc. It gives client the opportunity to express likes and dislikes for web design.

Discussion with client is essential to ensure that the website can fulfill needs and taste of business and this could only be possible by exchanging ideas, thoughts until the final layout designed for website.

Web Development

Development process of website begins after completing web design. This is where the web site itself is created, it involves Frontend as well as Backend development. Designing and individual graphic elements remain same and use them to create the full functional web site.

While website remains under development mode, client check the status and prototype, so they can suggest idea or opinion for website functions. During the development process a banner of “website under construction” show, So no one can access other pages of website.

Testing and Delivery

Before delivering project we ensure about every feature we have development and design is working properly and remain stable. Testing is done on different devices in different environment, each and every function or website tested properly and if any problem found, respected part of project taken under development again.

Once we have tested project and everything working properly then we look for your final approval, if there is no suggestion at all, your web project is ready to deliver. We provide training to your employee to control frontend and backend functions. We handover website credentials to you after everything have done.

Maintenance and Support

Our responsibilities have not finished after project delivery, with every project we provide support. So in near future if you have any problem concerning to your website you can contact us and we will resolve it without charging any extra cost. One way to bring repeat visitors to your site is to offer new content or products on a regular basis, if you are not doing this, we can.

We provide maintenance service to keep your website on track, if this interests you, we will be more than happy to continue working together with you to update information on your site. Our website maintenance service include eCommerce portal management, SEO, posting content on regular basis, updating website information and more.

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