15 Dec 2016
Tips to Boost Business Website Search Ranking - Best Way to Improve SEO Rank

Most of business owners make website to promote business and they spend lot of money on digital marketing for website, and later you realize. Yep it’s true, being a experienced SEO expert, website designer and developer I have seen lot of such examples. Website Search Ranking Tips:

Now you may have some questions about website promotions, like How I can promote my website just for free? How to increase website traffic? And other similar questions, if you have same questions in your mind, this article will resolve all your doubts. Let’s get started.

Local Business Website Search Tips (SEO)

Basically SEO is the planning and strategy to drive website traffic from search engine. “SEO is all about optimizing a website for search engine.”

SEO can improve website search ranking free of cost*(if you are doing it yourself), but if you are hiring someone or using a third party tool, you have to pay for it.

Google is a giant search engine that dominant the web search traffic, recently google updated is local search algorithm that promotes local business if your have certain eligibility. Local business must listed on Google Maps and have a website with proper meta tags. Let figure out the whole process!

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Website Search Ranking

First of all, don’t be afraid of these big words Search Engine Optimization, it’s as simple as SEO. Anyone who use social media and internet regularly can easily understand SEO concept and techniques.

Tips to Boost Business Website Search Ranking - Best Way to Improve SEO Rank

Tips to Boost Business Website Search Ranking – Best Way to Improve SEO Rank

In this post you will learn how to improve your website search ranking naturally without any third party tool or paid service. But first I want you to know answer of some questions mentioned below.

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Why you have to do your website SEO yourself?

I know you hardly have any SEO skill, but you know everything about your business and having a sound knowledge of respected filed is key factor for SEO, that’s why you should do SEO yourself.

These five SEO points will help you improve website ranking

  • Publish Regularly
  • Stick to Relevant Content
  • Update
  • Follow SEO Content Writing Guideline
  • Interlink Similar Pages
  • Use of Image and Media Files
  • Share on Social Media

Publish Regularly

Regularity means a lot in the term of SEO. Publish blog post, new article and other stuff to website regularly* (determine how frequent you can post on website!). If you can’t publish daily, then post at least once in a week.

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Website Search Ranking Tips for Local Business and Improve Near by SEO Rank

Website Search Ranking Tips for Local Business and Improve Near by SEO Rank

Stick to Relevant Content

Google and other search engine rank certain websites for certain keywords. In the world of SEO everyone believe “Content Is King” because quality content is the number one key factor for SEO, write great content. Quality content increase search traffic and improve site’s authority. You need to consider few things before writing good content like target keyword, headings etc.

Remember, publish content relevant to your business or work, for example if you own a shoe business writing about shoes, foot care is great idea, but never post which car you like. Some useful blog suggestion for shoe website is given here.

  • Tips to choose perfect footwear for you
  • How to take care of your shows.
  • Foot care tips
  • Trending shoes in market
  • Shoes for Kids
  • Article about sports shoes

Similarly you can opt topic for concerning business. Remember you have to follow some instruction to write a SEO optimized article. Learn how to write a SEO Article using below link:

Learn How to Write SEO Optimized Article

*Note: Good articles are always written for users not for search engine, even Google search algorithm made to include quality content in search index. Never over SEO your website.


Keep the content fresh, it will good for both users and search engine. You may confused about updating content, well updating content and posting content both are different things.

  • Update old article timely, while new article should be updated in first month and later it should be updated in every three to four months.

While updating an article add new content, photos, info-graphics (if required*), additionally you can update anchor text. Make sure you are adding minimum 250 to 400 words when you update article.

Some news kind of articles don’t need updates, you can skip such posts. Update meta information if you believe it will help SEO.

Tips to Boost Business Website Search Ranking

Tips to Boost Business Website Search Ranking

Set Metadata

Every web-page have head section to insert information about content, CMS and customized websites both have meta tags option. Typically meta title and meta description tags help search engine to know about web-page content.

Search engine shows meta data snippet on its search index, in case your web-page don’t have any of these it will use main heading and most recent updated content as meta data.

  • Meta Title – Meta Title aren’t visible on web-page, and this is the most powerful thing for website SEO. This title is actually article heading for search engines with keyword. Meta title have limitation of 60 character, if you write longer title it will impact on search rank.
  • Meta Description – The description appear below meta title in search results, it have search importance. Meta Description is brief summery of article in 160 characters, it should include target keyword and its synonyms to increase search visibility.

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Interlink Pages

Having a link worthy site is idea, make relevant links with suitable anchor text. Remember good anchor texting is good for current page and linking page, it improve search engine ranking.

Wikipedia is great example for external interlinking pages. You can mention other website’s link with nofollow and _blank link attributes. Interlinking results as fast indexing and also improve website navigation approach.

Use Images and Media Files with Alt Tags

Image and other media described on page should have alt tag. Search engine recognize images and videos using alt tags and descriptions. For example, summer kids footwear should have alt tag “Kids Wear for Summer”. Image alt should include focused keyword for best SEO Results.

Share Website Link on Social Media

Social media is getting more powerful every day, Social media platform provide you high PR backlinks in less time. Create website social media accounts and start sharing content regularly.

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If you have anything to say! we would love to hear it, please comment, share on social media if you found this article helpful.