17 Dec 2016
Increase Conversion Rate of Ecommerce Website - Grow Online Sales Quickly

Online shopping is now everyone’s favorite choose to buy stuff. It’s good for Ecommerce portals and that’s why almost every business started selling it’s product online. Increase Conversion Rate of Ecommerce Website.

Your online store may doing well, but however internet is full of opportunities and you can do better in less time. Here we have mentioned some tips to boost conversion rate for Ecommerce websites.

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Social Media

Social Media websites are essential part of our life, according to survey Ecommerce website which interact with users on social media have higher conversion rate. Increase social media engagement and see results.

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Increase Conversion Rate of Ecommerce Website - Grow Online Sales Quickly

Increase Conversion Rate of Ecommerce Website – Grow Online Sales Quickly

Mobile App

Mobile app can increase conversion rates by 50%. Android and iOS covers more then 90% mobile devices. You can just double up selling by opting a mobile app. Read importance of mobile app from link mentioned below.

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Products Videos

Having product videos on site is better idea, quality video can increase of respected product by 150%. Actually online buyers are more attracted towards product videos.

Product Navigability

Products should be classified into categories and subcategories, so user can find and access products easily. If user didn’t find desired products quickly, users will leave site without shopping. A website with good navigability take two to three clicks for product page.

Functional Design

Ecommerce website design must be full functional at all. Functional design include good user interface, clear layout for price and shipping information etc.

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Genuine Reviews and Ratings

5 out of 6 online shoppers check (around 84%) reviews and rating at least one time before doing purchase. Fake reviews and ratings can disappoint your visitors, so keep reviews and ratings authentic. Use quality spam filter to prevent auto generated comments and reviews.

Recommended Products

Its not necessary user will buy products only after searching itself, sometimes visitor just see the products in recommended list and buy it. All the giant ecommerce stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba put smart product recommendation widgets below product. Recommended products help increase conversion rate.

Show Security Badges

Now a days users pay attention to security and check website security certification badge. Mostly Ecommerce websites use SSL and show third party security badge on top.

Clear Privacy Policy

You should be transparent with your customers, if you are using browser cookies or other sources for tracking, please mention it. Never sale customer information (personal details, shopping card data etc) to third parties. A user will never shop from websites which sale consumer information.

Increase Conversion Rate of Ecommerce Website - Grow Online Sales Quickly

Increase Conversion Rate of Ecommerce Website – Grow Online Sales Quickly

Multiple Payment Options

Today lot of payment methods are available for checkout. Offer all payment options like COD (Cash on Delivery), Credit & Debit Card, PayPal, PayUMoney, Paytm, NetBanking, Mobile Wallet etc.

Free Shipping

Free shipping service may not good for your profit but believe it can increase conversion rate naturally. More then 30% users abandon shopping card if shipping costs are high.

Easy Return Policy

According to online research 70% users read product return policy before making online purchase. Keep your product return policies simple and transparent, so both you and customer will be comfortable with it.

Quick Checkout System

Checkout system should be simple and quick, keep design clear and monitor user behavior with advanced heat maps and analytics. Don’t ask too much information here.

Loading Speed

Your Ecommerce store may have faster mobile app but the website should load quickly. Performance issues and slow loading pages will force users to abandon website. Optimize web page loading speed to increase conversion rate.

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