13 Dec 2016
PHP Development Company in Jaipur

PHP is open source programing language and widely used for development of websites. Anyone who have programing skills like Java and C can easily understand it. PHP is object oriented programing language and you don’t need any license to run your project. Let’s discuss business web approach of PHP with features and benefits.

PHP Web Development Benefits

Available Free of Cost – Since PHP is open source programing language, so its available free of cost.

Cross Platform Supported – PHP projects can function properly on various computer and mobile operating systems like Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, OSX etc.


You can add desired functionality that will increase the usability of web. PHP is one of most flexible and scalable language for web programing. Developer can build any kind of project with the help of PHP, because it offer verity of features.

PHP Website Development Company in Jaipur - Hire PHP Web Developer

PHP Website Development Company in Jaipur – Hire PHP Web Developer


PHP can be easily embedded with languages like HTML, Ajex, Java Script, JQuery, XML etc. It make the web highly functional and usable for business purposes. Using PHP static website can be converted into dynamic website easily.


This is the widely used language and if you are having any error, you can take online help. Many forums and video tutorials are running by various PHP communities. You join php developer groups and pages on social media, they post new updates regularly.

PHP Website Development Features:

  • Easy to build customized website.
  • Complex functionality web solutions.
  • Separate backend panel for administrator.
  • Integration of third party features like payment gateway.
  • Secure and error free web environment.
  • Maximum control over website.
  • Less cost due to Open Source nature.

PHP is popular for creating web projects, many popular websites like Facebook, Flipkart, WordPress.com, WikiPedia, Flickr etc are made using PHP.

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According to some survey reports more than 80% websites on web are created using PHP. Lot of PHP frameworks available to build website, list is mentioned below.

  • Codeignitor
  • CakePHP
  • Zend Framework
  • Phalcon
  • WordPress
  • Yii Framework
  • Laravel
  • FuelPHP
  • Drupal
  • Joomla

Stegpearl Technologies provide PHP web development service at affordable price in time. Our PHP development service comes with a package, that include website maintenance, update, security optimization etc.

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