01 Dec 2016
Social Media Marketing Tips for Business - Turn Your Fans into Customers

Social Media have power to boost your business in very less time. Many people think social media marketing is simple and you’re done after sharing few links on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. NO, absolutely not, you need to setup profiles properly. All great brands have strong presence on social media.

Now point is how to make a dominating presence on social media. We have mentioned 12 tips to build great social media for business, let’s get started.

1. Be SMART to Achieve Goals

Before stetting up social media profiles ask yourself a question, “why are you on social media?” don’t say because everyone else is using it. Actually you don’t know why a business need social media.

First of all set your goals, objectives, and you should be S.M.A.R.T. at all (Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time-bound). Start your social media marketing efforts with a purpose and stick to it.

2. Identify Audience

Choose a suitable social media platform, for example Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest each of them have some key features. Once you have identified audience, it’ll get easier to promote business. Make sure your social media audience is appropriate for business, otherwise it won’t make sense.

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3. Act Like Human

Companies make social media profiles to interact with users, not just for likes and followers. Twitter is probably best social media platform to resolve customer issues. You can make very good brand value by answering audience questions in time.

4. Build Relationship

Social media is great at building relationship between business and customers. Focus on getting engaged followers, few important points to build relationship with customers are follows.

  • Mention people in social media posts
  • Answer questions in time
  • Try to start a conversation
  • Ask audience what they like.

Social Media Marketing Tips for Business - Turn Your Fans into Customers

5. Help Them

Yeah, you can use social media for content marketing or selling products, before marketing your products on social media you should value your audience. Believe me helping your fans will return as authority and it also increase conversion rate.

6. Optimize Social Media Account

Today social media websites provide options to add relevant keyword to your profile. Optimization for specific keyword leads to more user engagement. Some tips to optimizing social media account is given here.

  • Write a brief intro for social media profile with keywords.
  • Post content related to your business
  • Add respected keyword before you share something
  • Get connected with popular profiles related to business.
7. Use Image, Videos, Events to Interact

Pictures, Videos and animated stuff are more helpful at engaging users, do post more visual content and less textual. Actually social media audience is highly depends on which kind of content you are sharing.

Facebook provides lot of features like Audience Pole, Go Live, GIF images etc.

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8. Link Official Website

Connecting your website on social media is very important, users will know you have website. Post website link with content often but don’t over do it. Social media website links are very strong backlinks for search engine.

9. Keep Audience Up to Date

Whether you sale products or provide services. All the latest offers and new arrivals should post on social media profile. Users don’t visit website daily but they use Facebook, Twitter everyday, social media works as bridge between users and websites.


10. Analise What Audience Really Like

Timely analise your audience and social media trends. You are going to posting something, then check historical trends for popularity of such posts. Schedule a weekly analysis of audience interest and trends. Facebook page manager is great tool to keep an eye on Facebook followers.

11. Be Creative

Creative content always appreciated by users. Show your products and services in creative way. Now in these days we listen something goes “Viral” on social media, actually anything can go viral on social media if it’s interesting and unique.

12. Use of #hashTag

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram use hashtag for trending stuff around the globe. You can target your post using various trending hashtag. Celebrities, Politicians etc always use suitable hashtag with tweet or Facebook post. Being on top of latest trending topics on social media is good way to grab new followers.