16 Dec 2016
User Expectation from Business Website - What Visitor Want in Website

A website represent business on web and its a great way to convert visitors into customers. If you have a business website then take survey of website and find out, are visitors getting what they are looking for?

What Visitor Expect in Website

Actually every user have a purpose to visit a website, but there are certain things which make good impression. Dull images, unclear fonts, poor navigation etc are highly responsible for increased bounce rate.

Here we will discuss 8 user expectations from website. This guide will help you a lot to reduce bounce rate and increase conversion rate.

Contact Details

A website works like a bridge between you and your customers, every visitor expect that it will get the contact details on website. The main purpose of having a website is showing products, services and contact details, so interested visitors can contact you. Make sure your contact number, email and address are quickly accessible and visible.

Product Price & Specifics

Before buying stuff online users check product price and specification. User expect clear pricing along with product details. According to a research result 60% people do online research before buying products or services. Proper product listing and navigation will definitely help increasing conversion rate.

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Responsive Design

A website designing which allow users to open same website on multiple devices and resolution screens called responsive design.

Smartphone revolution changed many things in the word of internet. Responsive web design is essential in countries like India where more then 80% people access internet from mobile devices.

If you are having a website which is not properly accessible from mobile devices, it’s time to renovate website.

Fast Loading Speed

We are living in time of 4G (LTE) technology, but still web page loading speed matter. No one want to wait and that’s why users expect to load website quickly. Internet experts says, regular web users expect 3 seconds to load a web page.

Website loading speed is directly impact on bounce rate, slow websites have higher bounce rate compared to fast loading websites.

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Relevant Images

Images are powerful way to represent your brand, products and services. Users want to see brand oriented image gallery, non-relevant pictures isn’t beneficial at all.

Human brain have capabilities of remembering more visual data then textual content. Images always grab user’s attention and it spend more time on website. You can use info-graphics and animated images to improve visual experience.

User Expectation from Business Website - What Visitor Want in Website

User Expectation from Business Website – What Visitor Want in Website


Users expect assured security from websites they buy products or services. No one want submit forms or shop online without trusting that user information will remain secure.

In last few years number of websites with SSL certificates are 50% increasing, which is good signal towards security concern.

Website Layout

A website layout is totally depends on it’s nature of business but it should be in proper way. Effective website layout is essential, it improve navigability and user can access desired page in two clicks.

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Professional Design

In 90’s having a website is big deal, no matter how it looks. But today website design highly matters. Business websites should be professionally designed, because it make impression on user’s mind. At first impression user make idea about company value and trust according to its design.

More then 60% users buy products and services from websites which are professionally designed. Quality website layout and design offer more engagement and conversion rate.

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