30 Jan 2018
Website Designing Tools and Software for Beginners - Quick Web Design

Are you learning web designing? Are you looking for website designing tools and software? Well web design is interesting and extremely fun to do but sometimes it being frustrating.

Designing a website with tools, software or platform is much easier then writing codes for every page. Today we’ll discuss about, “How any beginner can create or design website using third party tools”.

Website Designing Tools and Software


WordPress is most popular and powerful CMS, more then 25% of websites are powered by WordPress. You don’t need to code to create website with WordPress, anyone with basic knowledge can create and design stunning website within few hours. All you need is domain and hosting account to run your website.

WordPress is open source and come with SEO optimized CMS platform. Since it’s open source, so you don’t have to buy it. WordPress have backend (for administration purpose) and frontend (for user and visitors).

Website Designing Tools and Software for Beginners - Quick Web Design

Website Designing Tools and Software for Beginners – Quick Web Design

Designing web page get easier with WordPress using themes and plugins. Check most selling WP themesRead complete guide for WordPress installation on server for beginners from link given below:

Create Website with WordPress for Beginners (Full Guide Free)

WordPress Page Builder

Although you can get any third party page builder but WordPress page builder plugin comes with extra benefits. Plugins like MotoPress, VisualComposer, Elementor etc are great choice to build page.


Bootstrap is open source HTML, CSS and JS framework developed by twitter. The concept behind developing such framework is creating mobile first website. These are thousand of free and paid Bootstrap themes are available on web. If you know little HTML/CSS and don’t want to buy themes, it’s very simple to write designing code. Web Design Company in Jaipur

Since Bootstrap is a frontend framework, so you don’t have to write CSS. Use predefined classes and elements to look your design better in less time.

Popular Bootstrap Themes of All Time

Helpful Software for Web Designing

  • Adobe Photoshop – Photoshop is popular among photographers, web designers for Graphic Design, Photo Editing, UI Design.
  • Adobe Illustrator – Another tool from Adobe have powerful vector art and graphic design capabilities with Wireframing.
  • Sketch 3 – Sketch help graphic and web designers to create flexible UI Design quickly.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver – Dreamweaver provide you a environment to work on website, it comes with code editor and live view options.
  • Origami – Free Animation, Prototyping tool for modern user interface, very easy to use.
  • Kuler – Color schemes and beautiful color combination creator.
  • IconFinder – Browse millions of free Icons to use in UI Design and Web Design.
  • Lorem Ipsum – It’s a dummy text generator, so can generate text as requirement to show on web page.
  • HTML Email – Responsive HTML email templates

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