6 Steps to Effective Website Planning

Creative and effective plan is vital for any websites success. Your site will have no value unless your visitor know how to take action. It should be remembered that he primary goal of developing a site is to promote understanding. More specifically the intent of a web presentation is for a sponsoring organization, or presenter, and the user to reach a Mutual Under Standing by means of the electronic connection.

Plan The Structure

How do you want to organize your information?

Understanding your business and the intended target market will help you determine how your site is structured.

Define The Purpose

What you want your to do and how are you going to do it?

Defining a clear purpose is important because it becomes the focus of ALL your design endeavors and helps you determine the most appropriate objectives for your business.

Plan The Pages

What type of pages do you need and how MANY are required?

Constructing your pages effectively enhances usability and naturally drives your visitors to the information you want them to see.

Define The Audience

Who are the people you want to visit your site?

Clearly defining your existing or potential visitors increase the chances of promoting your product or services in a more effective manner.

Plan The Navigation

How quickly visitors find what they are looking for?

People are very impatient online the average user spends just 30 seconds on a page before moving on. It is imperative to build a navigation system that allows visitors to know where they are, how to find information and how they can get back to where they started within 3 clicks or less.

Plan The Content

What types of media is good for website?

Typography, graphics, video, audio and animation are all different types of media that need to be considered. combining different types of media will enhance the user experience and expand the reach of you message.

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