08 Nov 2016
WordPress is Best Platform for Bloggers

“Why WordPress is best platform for blogging”? Probably, this is the most frequently asked question by blog enthusiasts. I’m using WordPress from beginning of my blogging journey. Yah, just like other bloggers my first blog was on blogger but in the next moth I moved to WordPress. I simply Google it and found this awesome platform. “why choose wordpress”.

Around 26.4% websites are powered by WordPress, and its most popular CMS in market. You will surprise to know that CNN, New York Times, Forbes, Wall Street Journals and many other popular website are powered by WordPress.

Let’s discuss 10 reasons with Stegpearl Technologies why WordPress is winner at all.

Why Choose WordPress

WordPress is Open Source and Available Free of Cost

1. WordPress is Open Source and Available Free of Cost

That’s right, WordPress is Open Source, so you don’t need to buy it, just download, install and use. WordPress is totally free but you may have to pay for some premium themes and plugins (if you want to use them).

WordPress is Open Source Software, it allow users to alter code, make changes in design and plugins, even you can collaborate to WordPress in order to make it better.

Users need only a domain and web hosting to setup a custom blog or website. Surprisingly WordPress.com also offer free website facility with less features.

2. As Easy as Sending E-mail

Yup, you heard the right. WordPress is the simplest CMS available in the market. If you can send an email you can use WordPress. Dashboard and other functionality is very simple, if you need any help then you could find tons of WordPress tutorials on web.

Coding Skills Not Required

3. Coding Skills Not Required

Anyone can setup a WordPress blog or site and it don’t require any coding skill. You all need to do is download and configure your new site. In fact WordPress is the only CMS with such Superior Functionality, cause you don’t need knowledge of any programing language and long time to build website.

4. Safe and Secure

WordPress is community of software and its maintained by a group of volunteers (most of them are WordPress consultants and contributors). WordPress is developed while keeping safety and security in mind. Just keep some precaution and your online property going to remain safe.

How to Improve Security of WordPress Site

10 Reasons Why WordPress is Best Platform for Bloggers

5. Themes and Plugins

If you want to change the design, just install any theme you like. Similarly for additionally functionality install appropriate plugin. According to WP Beginner currently 2600+ themes and 31,000+ plugins are available free of cost to download.

Yah, it’s true that some of premium themes and plugins are not available free. But if a free theme or plugin can fulfill your requirement then you don’t want to pay a single penny.

6. SEO Friendly

WordPress is the one of most Search Engine Friendly (SEO) CMS available in the market. Actually Google loves WordPress 🙂 because its high quality of code and produces semanitc mark up that attract search engines to your site. Users can use recommended seo plugins for better search engine experience.

7. Highly Reliable

WordPress is capable of receiving updates automatically (including plugins and themes). You can backup database or shift site withing few clicks and the process is very simple. You probably need for small blog or website but you can make it as big as you want with lot of features.

Many of top brands like Forbes, CNN, New York Times, People Magazine websites are powered by WordPress. So there is no need to worry about privacy and reliability, WordPress really offer a solid base to work on.

10 Reasons Why WordPress is Best Platform for Bloggers

8. Awesome Community

If you are having problem at any step, you can ask WordPress community for help. You can find lot of websites, guide blogs, video tutorials, live chat etc to resolves issues. Check out list of best WordPress guide blogs.

9. Support Different Types of Media

If you are using WordPress you are never going to stuck with different kind of media files. WordPress have capabilities to handle images, audio, video content as well.

A WordPress setup can build site for verity of web categories like Blog, CMS, Portfolio, Arcade, Business Website, eCommerce store, Video Site, Photography Portal etc.

10 Reasons Why WordPress is Best Platform for Bloggers
10. No Maintenance Need

Blog and websites require timely maintenance to update design and fix bugs. But there are no such maintenance issues with WordPress cause a large community of highly level programmers are already working for you, WordPress receive and install updates automatically or typically need a single click.