24 Nov 2016
Writing Tips for SEO Optimized Articles

Posting new articles and updating old content is beneficial to drive traffic. If your website is not so popular then search engine is the best way to engage more users. Now the important thing is how to appear in search ranking, read more about SEO optimized article below.

Mostly SEO is responsible for search traffic. You can take advantages of search traffic by writing good content and optimizing post SEO. Every web page is optimized for a specific keyword for search engine. While writing SEO articles, several things you should keep in mind, You should follow a proper way to make good article.

How to Write SEO Optimized Article

Write Title Carefully

First of all you should know about the title, every article have two titles as post title and meta title. However both have their own importance, reader see post title on the top of page while meta title is for SEO purpose, it appear in search results.

In the absence of meta title, post title work as meta title. It will be good if you write good title that also include keyword.

Every search engine have its own criteria for meta title length, try to keep title less than 66 characters.

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If your website is on WordPress you can install SEO plugin that allow you to add meta description to a post. Meta description appear in search engine that’s why I has huge importance in search.

Google allow 156 characters in meta description (you can write more but only 156 characters will be visible), so create brief description with focused keywords for your article.

Having a meta description is very good to increase search visibility and traffic. If you haven’t write meta description in previous post, go for it now.

Alt Text for Images

Google and other search engines don’t read images, however they recognize an image using alternative (alt) text. In order to properly submit images to search engine you should use proper image names.

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While writing image alt, keep in mind text should be relevant to image itself. It will be better if you use keyword on image alt.

Writing Tips for SEO Optimized Article

Writing Tips for SEO Optimized Article


Interlinking or creating a link to old posts is one of best technique to increase page impression per visitor. You can interlink relevant articles for better user experience.

You have to use anchor text method to interlink article. Interlinking increase website navigability and also reduce the bounce rate. Link should have relevant title and anchor text to destination page.


Every webpage have a unique url which is also known as permalink. WordPress and other popular platform generate auto permalink. Make sure permalink don’t contain any stop word. WordPress users can turn off stop word in Parmalink for SEO optimized article.

Use of Heading in Content

Heading have own importance in formatting content and one of most important part of on page SEO. According to search engine content guideline you should use heading H1 to H6, but it’s good if you are using H1, H2 and H3 headings.

Content Quality

In the world of SEO “Content is King” other things are just to support content. if you are doing everything but not maintaining the content quality, your affords are almost waste. Google and other search engines prefer quality web pages in search index.

Before publishing a post make sure your article have enough quality to serve information. If you are not expert or interested in topic you are writing, please don’t do it. Always write what you love because lack of knowledge can drop content quality of SEO optimized article.